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Airport chaplaincy – available for everyone at the airport

The airport chaplaincy is a special service offered by all religions for travelers and employees at airports worldwide.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, eleven airports have an airport chaplaincy with prayer rooms, with the opportunity for dedicated conversation and assistance.

The airport chaplaincy encompasses the entire range of human life: listening, dealing with fears, handling the range of emotional stresses before or after traveling, endurance, delivering difficult news, mediating, blessing, etc.

Prayer rooms

The prayer rooms in the airports are a haven of calm in the hectic comings and goings. Here one can speak, meditate, recharge one’s batteries, find oneself, alone or in community with God. Worship services are celebrated weekly or on specific occasions.

Each room is different, has a different orientation and is specially designed. Some airports have Muslim prayer rooms, others have Christian chapels or a synagogue or even offer an interreligious prayer room. Discover the diversity!

Emergency assistance

We are here:

  • when you need a person directly at the airport,
  • for employees, travelers, people picking up someone, visitors,
  • if you are stranded at the airport and don’t know what to do (or: need social support),
  • after a stressful event, for you and your relatives as well as for the emergency personnel.

Asylum seekers

Contacting newly arrived asylum seekers is the responsibility of other chaplains who specifically care for trauma survivors, refugee experiences and issues, and who are more familiar with the legal, social and psychological problems of refugees. [LINK: Abschiebebeobachtung ??]


Support is provided by full-time (theologians, deacons, social workers) and voluntary airport chaplains. At many airports, religions engage ecumenically with people at the airport.